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jawsbanana is highly efficient at growing website traffic. With a focus on women owned businesses, we make sites come to life with more relevant visits.

Helping our regions through a holistic SEO approach. We improve communities by making your website magnetic, with increased small to mid-sized business profit.

Why Choose Us?

Jawsbanana has over over 10 years of guaranteed success ranking websites on the first page of Google search results. Whether your industry location be a city, state / county, or national, we can bring you the traffic recognition you seek. We realize that the best advertising agency helps your business be more, of what you already are. Continue to grow your brand with Creative SEO. Build up the punch with flawless on-site SEO, innovative, algorithmic inbound SEO, and social commerce.


Great Results, Expert, Creative "Heather is a great multi-category resource from copywriting to increasing web search results. Her skills helped our business gain a much-needed boost in visibility through search marketing as well as social media sites. The breadth and depth of her understanding make her a valuable partner in marketing efforts."

Christy Bennett-Hanes


About Us

Heather Cavanaugh


Starting out in house at Yahoo! Search Marketing, Heather learned the granular ins and outs of SEO using the same software that Google used. She’s developed Google Ads marketing campaigns for hospitality, engineering, retail, restoration, manufacturing, financial services, flooring, medical, and restaurant industries. Heather has managed paid ads and organic local and national SEO campaigns for thousands of small small businesses combined with above 500K spend advertisers. Crafting and completing product launches, Heather has made tens of thousands of dollars with social, SEO and email marketing campaigns. She’s also personally managed hundreds of search engine optimization accounts, excels at retention, increasing spend, and at utilizing auditing, and analytics.